Our professionals can provide turnkey seminars or informational workshops for your company.

Our office started in the early 90’s offering SUCCESSFUL MONEY MANAGEMENT SEMINARS (SMMS) through Miami Dade College Homestead, Kendall, and North Campuses.

Our Niche was offering the education, as well as, a tailored financial plan for each student. This gave the student education on investment basics, and a road map as to each students individual financial situation. Each student was allowed to add their spouses financial information to the financial plan. By doing so, this allowed the couple or individual to see projections into the future based on different interest rates and different saving amounts, thus showing that an increase in savings could show financial independence at a certain age and or how long investment assets could last.

What we found was that clients could save 500.00 to 1000.00 dollars by recieving the financial plan through the class.

We then placed the same business model from the School classes, and now offer education and financial plans to owners and employees of small businesses.

After the initial seminar and plans have been completed, our professionals provide ongoing Quarterly or Semiannual educational topics that can deliver a specific message to your employees.

Below are several popular topics that we can deliver to your employees. Workshops last between 20 to 30 minutes and can be completed before the workday, or at lunchtime.

Stay The Course
Recession Recoveries (Series)
Market Volatility Patience
Remember Your Time Horizons
Patience - Long-Term Investors
Patience and Consistency
Postcard: Investment Concerns
New Investment Program - 2/23
Can YOU Stimulate The Economy?
Got a Corrected 1099 Form?
Should You Borrow From 401k?
Budget Worksheet for Unemployed
Raise SS Income by $1k/Month?
Checking Up on Insurance Co’s
Retirement Planning
Financial Planning
Wealth/Asset Management
Tax Planning
Estate Planning Strategies