Background on the office of Jullie & Associates, P.A.

Michael A. Jullie, CFP® was the principal of Jullie & Associates, P.A. until his passing in 2016. His son David M. Jullie has now taken on that role.

Mike pioneered his own financial planning software in the early 1990s. Our organization takes pride in providing comprehensive Financial Services to individuals, couples, families, and small businesses. We have been at the same location in South Miami, Florida since 1980.

At the core of our disciplined approach is the calculation of clients’ desired retirement objectives and goals through scenario analysis. After which, we assist clients in developing an appropriate strategy based off their objectives and constraints. Once an agreed upon strategy has been implemented, it is reviewed and amended as necessary at least annually.

Most clients come to our office two or three times a year to update their financial plan, review their investments, and address any required changes. This model has had positive feedback from existing clients saving valuable time for work and family.

Our office works with school teachers and other government employees in planning for retirement. Our firm can provide specific guidance to clients who are eligible for these benefits.

We thank you for your consideration and look forward to helping you achieve your long term financial goals.